Extraction & Alveolar Ridge Preservation Workshop


The course entails theoretical, observational, and practical introduction to alveolar ridge preservation after extraction. 


8.30 am – 9.00 am:     Breakfast (provided), registration, get acquainted

9.10 am – 11.00 am:   Lecture on principles of extraction healing and alveolar ridge preservation 

11.00 am – 11.15 am: Break

11.15 am – 12.30 pm: Lecture on extraction and alveolar ridge preservation from single tooth to

                                       complete arch cases by using xenograft and collagen membrane. 

12.30 pm – 1.30 pm:   Lunch (provided)

1.30 pm – 2.30 pm:     LIVE patient demonstration

3.00 pm – 5.30 pm:    Laboratory workshop on pig jaws ridge preservation. 


By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of extraction socket healing
  • Understand the rationale for alveolar ridge preservation.
  • Implement combination of xenograft and collagen membrane for alveolar ridge preservation
  • Have an exposure on preserving the alveolar ridge by observing a LIVE patient demonstration case.
  • Practice on the pig jaws workshop alveolar ridge preservation by using xenograft and collagen membrane
  • Appreciate potential advantages of staging full arch implant reconstruction by applying alveolar ridge preservation techniques before placing implants.
  • Obtain an insight on current and classic literature on alveolar ridge preservation.  

 Course fee: $1,200


February 18th, 2023

June 11th, 2023




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