EXOCAD workshops

Daniel Portal

EXOCAD Design in-person workshops: From beginners to advanced level

Daniel Portal is founder and director of Portal Digital Dentistry a company that has trained hundreds of dental professionals around the world.

As former Senior Trainer for EXOCAD North America, he was responsible for educating EXOCAD resellers, labs, and dentists in the western hemisphere. In this role, he traveled extensively to teach lectures and demonstrations at trade shows in Germany, Canada, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Mexico and many other countries.

Daniel has 12 years of experience using most CAD/CAM systems. He gained this experience

from working in different labs around the country, including: Arrowhead in Utah, ZahnTechnique in Florida, Irwin Dental in Louisiana among others.

Now, as the first EXOCAD-certified trainer in the Americas, Daniel continues to train doctors and technicians on how to implement the software into their digital workflows

“Introduction to EXOCAD Design”

Ø  Basic single crown and bridge

Ø  Facial or custom cut-back

Ø  Implant crowns / bridges

Ø  Custom abutments – implant bridges

Ø  Inlays – onlays - veneers

Ø  Digital denture design

Ø  Introduction to Digital Smile creator

Ø  By covering the basics, participants can advance to the next level

“Advanced EXOCAD design for All-on-X”

Ø  In-depth all-on-X design principles

Ø  Design full arch zirconia prosthesis on Titanium bar

Ø  Direct to MUA design

Ø  Design on Ti-bases

Ø  Thimble design

Ø  Merge data with photogrammetry to design a fixed prosthesis

Ø  Implement Digital Smile Creator on full arch implant restorations

Dates and Tuition:

“Introduction to EXOCAD Design” $1,865  June 9th – 10th 2023

“Advanced EXOCAD design for All-on-X”  $1,865   August 18th – 19th 2023

BOTH workshops “Comprehensive package” $3,500

For EACH workshop 16 CE CREDITS are been awarded.


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